How to install Transmission Web Client on Ubuntu Server 12.10

If you are a transload/download  enthusiast and you don’t want your money spent on those expansive seedboxes or other paid services like &, this tutorial is for you. To get started, you need two things- A server with root access running ubuntu Update, Upgrade and install Webmin (See how to install webmin on […]


Free VPS Cloud Hosting – 7 days free trial

Ulticloud offers Virtual cloud servers that you can launch and terminate any time you want through a simple web interface or industry standard API. If you are familiar with Amazon web services, Ulticloud provides same versatile and powerful tools of Elastic Cloud computing (EC2) UltiCloud Compute offers on-demand computing resources, provisioned, managed via APIs for […]


5 Easy steps to make your WordPress site Load Quicker

Speed is one of most important factors to improve the user experience. No body likes a slow loading website.Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn’t loaded in 4 seconds; keep your users happy and engaged by providing a fast performing website! WordPress in itself is highly optimized for a rich user experience […]


5 Ways to Host your WordPress Blog on a VPS for FREE !

Many of us started blogging on a free platform like blogger and and then moved towards bigger things like hosting our own blog via blogging softwares like wordpress,drupal and others alike. While free and hosted platforms like and are easy and reliable, they do not provide ample options to experiment, expand and […]

How to Delete a blog

Sometimes you get a crazy idea and it becomes an utter desire to start writing a blog about it. If it happens quite often with you (it happens a lot with me !), you end up with so many blogs in your dashboard and you realize that you have lost your interest in most of […]

$1 VPS – Free VPS Hosting Trial Offers

I still remember those days when i started using internet and i was still trying to figure out how to use a free blog. I was amazed by the idea that i could have my very own website that is actually visible on internet !The world has changed so much in past ten years(and […]